An Inconvenient Truth

If you have not seen "An Inconvenient Truth" yet then you should make it your top priority to watch it as soon as possible. Head over to Climatecrisis to learn more about what you can do for the environment, you should focus a considerable amount of attention on the ten things you can do. Read the PDF here.

Politicians got a wake up call from scientific data on global warming.

Yikes. It has never been this varm in january throughout Europe! The debate on global warming has risen remarkably during the last few days. Politicians are hopefully beginning to change their opinion (or hopefully they will form a completely new understanding on the situation) on the issue of global warming.

Although much too late, we can hopefully enter a new phase where people in power finally realize that the planet is not well. We are constantly polluting and destroying the very things we take for granted, which are the fundamentals for life as we know it. I for one think that it probably is to late - we have already started to go "over the edge" as far as I am concerned. I just wonder how many generations it will take until people start panicking and really realize that we have been making it worse for generations.

Capitalism, consumerism and the developing economical climate of the western world will ultimately consume us and the world we live in. Put mildly, it is going in the wrong direction because we globally throughout the world, just ignore the situation.

I have some links to various articles that have been published last week: