Green Washing

I read an article in today's "Metro Teknik" about a, for me, new concept called Green Washing.

A lot of corporations use the wave of concern for the world in their ads and commercials. There are numerous examples of companies that are not that concerned about the earth in the long run. Several companies spend a lot of money on things that damage the world rather than things that can save it.

Greenwash (a portmanteau of green and whitewash) is a term that is used to describe the act of misleading consumers regarding the environmental practices of a company or the environmental benefits of a product or service. The term Green sheen has similarly been used to describe organisations which attempt to appear that they are adopting practices benefical to the environment.

Learn more about this at:

Green Washing Index - home of the world’s first online interactive forum that allows consumers to evaluate real advertisements making environmental claims.

Badbuster - tags companies and brand names in your web browser with a rating. Don't let big companies ads fool you that they spend a lot of money to aid our environment.

Nutrition Pills Linked To Cancer And Heart Disease

A few days ago, one of the leading newspapers in Sweden had an article about vitamin and nutrition pills. But it was a critical article.

A Danish study shows that high concentrations of vitamins A, E and β-carotene are linked to heart disease and even cancer. The dosages in the hundreds of different pills and nutritional products on the market are highly concentrated and are said to upset the natural balance in the body. We cannot use more "building stones" than what we individually need in order to survive.

Of course the tests have probably been done with a lot higher concentrations than normal. However, we all have our own amount of nutritional intake each day. It is at least something one needs to consider if it is needed or not.

If you think that using more pills are better for your body than to eat more fruit, think again. There seems that each individual might have their own specific levels in accordance with the body's own balance. To much of the good becomes bad for you and less of what is considered to be good is bad for you.

If you think that you need more of some substance or mineral, talk with your local doctor or someone who knows about these things and who can conduct properly structured test. But if you just feel a bit out of focus, tired and stressed out, you generally probably need to eat better food and fruit, more exercise and spend more hours sleeping.

I'm going to eat more fruit from now on.