A New Pesticide Has Been Introduced For Use On Swedish Strawberries

A new pesticide has been introduced for use on swedish strawberries.

The pesticide is called Signum and is introduced before the European Union even has finished its report and analysis. I wonder why the pesticide has been allowed during a period between 24th may and 18th october 2007 when the European Union's evaluation is not ready yet.

It even becomes more urgent to let people know about it since a danish evaluation has come up with the possibility that the pesticide can affect or even hurt yet to be born babies. What about our small children? What about older women and men? What about our environment? What about our water?

Astrid Mårtensson at the swedish chemical inspection has been involved in clearing this pesticide. One of her arguments as an chemical inspector (she has to be one when working at a chemical inspection right?) is that swedish farmers have to keep up with competition abroad. Wait a minute, shouldn't the chemical inspection look at what is best for the environment first of all, and stop focusing on the farmers' economies and market value?

This right here is why we need to distribute money to farmers who produce strawberries, as well as other things, as naturally as possible. Avoiding pesticides might be impossible in certain areas but surely not all of them, if they need financial help then I think they should be granted money if they have an ecological production. We cannot have a sloppy inspection, our chemical inspection should be stern but fair, and focus on our citizens health rather than the farmers' economical situation. I wish we have means to stop fungus or insects from ruining our products other than pesticides, however, there seems to be a long way to go before we can see severe changes. We do not need a sloppy chemical inspection, they need to be stern and fair and look at the whole picture instead of just focusing on the market.

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