Supply And Demand

I found myself looking for a certain protein bar today. I could not locate the product at first and I got frustrated. This might be because I did not have any lunch prior to today’s exam and when I came out from the exam, I needed something to eat before dinner.

Why did I get frustrated when I at first did not come across a certain product? And what happens the day this product does not exist anymore?

There are a lot of products at your local place for food, ethical and non-ethical – ecological and non-ecological, but most of them give you energy. There are fruits, sandwiches and other more nutritious altenatives but my mind told me to buy the protein bar.

This behaviour is part of the myth we are upholding every day. The myth is that we get happier if we consume more, and this myth is proclaimed throughout the media, most corporations and markets.

I really should pick whatever I want to eat. This is not a big problem. I bought this certain bar today (generally I try to eat more healthy and nutitious food), but the problem is that I create a need for this product, and when I cannot find it I have to settle for the next best thing. But what happens when I cannot find the next best thing?

We need to stop allowing the media and advertizing industry to call us consumers. We need to stop living in this myth that is around us and that is infesting our societies. People who KNOW how language works need to tell us to stop upholding this myth.

One day you will not find the products you bought the other day. One day you will not find your favourite protein bar and a year later you will not find your gallon of petrol. After that you will not find your new computer, you will have to look real hard to even get a hold of certain things that we – the western world – have created a need for. This need is upheld because we use our money to buy goods and products from a few big actors on the market.

How can we desperately cling onto luxury and commodities? I tell you why, our way of living is possible because the western world vastly exploit foreign regions and outsource dirty jobs to Asia and other remote parts of the world. We do not produce the majority of our products, we do not take care of our waste good enough and we spend more money on maintaining the myth than we spend on cancer research or battling the depletion of our natural resources.

Cash, dollar dollar bill ya’ll.

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