An Unpublished Article On The Climate

20 swedish researchers in various fields have had a hard time getting published recently. Why? you may ask.

Well, they have written about the research on the climate crisis and climate change as something that, generally speaking, has been ignoring all other possible explanations on what causes the "global warming".

There is a general consensus favouring of the carbon emissions thesis. Let me remind you that it is the thesis that has its own fabricated market with carbon "offsets". Moreover, it seems as if the computer generated models of the calculated effects of carbon emissions is a bigger problem than what the IPCC wants to admit or acknowledge.

Perhaps the research community has to go back reading their Kuhn, Popper and Feyerabend, because if the general consensus is out to silence parts of a scientific community, then it's simply bad for science and the truth.

If you are a scrutinizing researcher, then you know that it is dangerous to let a single consensus cloud your judgement.

These professors have spent a lifetime researching about geography, mathematics, communications theory, geo science, physics, chemistry, oceanography etc. and the media does not want to publish a perfectly reasonable article demanding science to look in all directions for answers. That gives us an idea how easily ideas can be told, spread and upheld in our society.

A question that arises in my head is: what if peak-oil is a myth as well? The leading governments are treating is as a myth, for if they were to be serious about this then a lot more restrictions on production and the automobile industry would be enforced. The leading politicians are saying something about having to cut back on production and progression, but if they are serious they would be doing a lot more about it, such as legislating cut backs.

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