Czech Republic President Vaclav Klaus On "Global Warming Alarmism"

The Czech Republic President Vaclav Klaus, who holds the European Union presidency at the moment, condems "global warming alarmism" in a recent speech.

The "alarmists" are not concerned about environmental micro management and they do not have an acceptable view concerning risks. They are infact misusing climate change information in their quest to expand the role of government.

In other words, they are using climate crisis as a scapegoat to expand profits and the role of government. This is a very negative attitude and citizens lose their sense of knowing which threats are worth fighting and which risks that should be taken seriously - both locally and globally.

We are allowed to doubt views that are taken for granted in the name of science. Doubt and skepticism is also science and should be taken seriously. If all views are allowed within a scientific community, then different views will in time, come to dissolve themselves. Stupid or unpredictable research or hypothetical frameworks, will over time, fall apart and shift towards a new paradigm. However, we have to allow theoretical and hypotetical frameworks that are against the current paradigm.

All scientific facts are always already packaged interpretations, which come from interpretation of scientific data and imagined models.

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