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After having been contacted by Chris from Greenpress - whom wanted to see Eco and Ethics move to their green blog format - I decided to switch to Greenpress because I feel that it is the right decision for me and my blog right now.

We're at a point in time when we have to re-think our strategies and global tactics not only to embrace technological breakthroughs, but also to enhance them in order for us to learn how to cultivate and harvest energy in new ways.

Not only do we have to learn how to deal with e-waste and garbage, we also have to try and figure out how to use our resources better and how to globally avoid disasters and to diminish wars over water, oil and natural resources.

Logistics per se, and how we understand this concept, will change over time, and it is up to governments and citizens of the world to decide whether or not we want to limit our way of life or keep on going as before, and at the same time doing something about it.

Citizens can be encouraged to influence politics both locally and globally. They could empower themselves to hack their environments, through individual actions involve their peers as well as governmental structures in microtactical collective actions, in order to clean up their local environments, lakes, parks or even public gardens. I ask myself why there aren't initiatives that strive to clean up in deserted and zero degree spaces. Why aren't we all making these spaces more beautiful and inhabitable? I reallt want to dwell more in secret and unknown locations.

Governments and nations could in cooperation with citizens engage in macrotactical manouvres in order to learn how to spawn new solutions, new ways of understanding energy, develop ways and tools in order to grow and cultivate energy as well as re-using our existent e-waste materials as well as excess materials.

The reason why I am moving my blog to Greenpress is that I want to learn more about technologies, development of democracy in relation to speed and politics, democracy and citizenship in relation to a more transparent state as well as studying the very constitution of governments, in accordance with forward thinking democratic tools and projects.

A very powerful way of becoming engaged in politics and different environmental issues is to spawn net political clusters. I will come back to this in a later post, however, clusters can come up with a lot of good ideas, solutions as well as informative actions just by teaming up and creating assemblages and ideas through communication and chaotic teamwork.

We Rebuild.EU has got a wiki for a variety of topics of concern and importance such as net censorship, openness, net neutrality, data retention etc. However, the wiki is also used as a "tink tank" (a sort of tool oriented and idea oriented think tank), and I hope that'll be able to get someone to translate "Patent och klimatkampanjen" into English, since this kind of individual and collective cluster not only spawns new ideas and creates and interest for pressing issues, it also manifest a new idea and a new way of "tinking" and doing politics.

Citizenship is about enhancing transparency between government, institutions and citizens. It is also about acting and doing something in this day and age, and the surrounding political climate that we now face.

We are all quite naive in thinking that our protests against governments, and the complaints against the democratic reorganisation neither will spawn new solutions nor shrinking the gap between the national and the global, between the citizen and the politician and between the individual and the collective. It is time to write more about how citizens can spawn, create and to cultivate ideas and solutions in order for governments to try and implement these solutions into a global problem solving scheme.

Eco and Ethics

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