Sucralose and Its Unknown Effects - Hazardous?

So, today I heard on the swedish news ( that The National Food Administration actually accepted Sucralose as a synthetic sweetener in provisions without sending their report over to the Swedish Chemicals Agency, because that they do not have the obligation to do such a thing. What the fuck! Pardon my language but Sucralose Resembles DDT and PCB and a thorough investigation should be conducted, and rightfully so that is what the Swedish Chemicals Agency will do in 2007.

In the report from the National Food Administration it apparently states that although the synthetic sweetener has been approved, one should consume it in modest doses, a statement which is in accordance with the European Scientific Commité (my translation).

Now I need to take the time to point something out to you all.

1. In the past, chemical agencies and food administrations have cleared new synethetic substances in food or other chemicals to be used in medicines or construction or whatever - substances that 10-20 years later all of a sudden are seen as toxins, hazardous not only for man but also for the environment. Are we going to do something about it?

2. Sucralose apparently runs straight through your body when for example one drinks a soft drink or whatnot, or so they say. Yay! But they have totally neglected or overlooked the fact that this substance runs straight through our water treatment plants without sticking to the layers of sediments and other equipment that filters 'our' water and make it drinkable again (or atleast for us in the western world). This synthetic substance is out there in the environment, and who should investigate how it (and most likely hundreds or perhaps thousands of other substances) or atleast point out to people that this luxury that is the society of consumption really is bad news? We are rapidly not only using all of our resources but we are doing so without really bothering with the effects, we are looking in the other direction. Global warming, the consumption society, power structures and economy, it is all connected. Are we going to do something about it?

3. Even though Sucralose is not real sugar and is supposed to be 'better' than real sugar, you still get a craving for sweet provisions.

Unscientifical conclusion number one: Instead of educating people to eat healthier the provisions industry comes up with something that makes people become even more addicted to their products in an even larger scale, and earn them a lot more money in the process. The provisions industry does not want education - they want ignorance.

Unscientifical conclusion number two: This ignorance that can be said to exist within the provisions communities can be found in various forms within other communities (transnational communities) that contribute to global warming, the consumption society and even supporting the ignorant type of politics which makes way for them to keep on destroying our way of life and esentially our mentality. Are we going to do something about it?

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