Bush to address global warming in annual speech

This article on global warming comes from Reuters.com /Science: Bush to address global warming in annual speech.

By reading this article I find that the U.S. on the record will promote a new approach when it comes to issues related to global warming. What the government then does off the record is a completely different thing, however foreign politicians have probably talked some sense into Bush. Here are a few interesting things taken from the article:

Bush has not:

...dropped his opposition to mandatory limits on greenhouse-gas emissions.

On the issue of global warming, Bush has:

...pushed a series of initiatives aimed at encouraging the development of alternative energy sources such as hydrogen and ethanol.
...called U.S. addiction to foreign oil a serious problem that required more spending on new technologies.
...acknowledged last summer that humans exacerbate the problem.

After a meeting with German Chancellor Angela Merkel Bush said he was commited to:

..."promoting new technologies that will promote energy efficiency, and at the same time do a better job of protecting the world's environment."


...the possibility that Bush will unveil a shift on climate policy.

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