Chiquita's Death Squads Kills And Tortures People

I read last thursday in Metro about some of Chiquita's activities in Colombia.

A number of colombian families have sued Chiquita because the company's death squads(!) have murdered and tortured their relatives.

The victims were killed and tortured by at least one of the infamous colombian paramilitary groups, the AUC, which receive funds(!) from Chiquita. Other victims have sued Chiquita because they might have been funding paramilitary groups since the 90's. Chiquita have also armed these groups with the goal to retain control over the areas where they cultivate bananas.

Chiquita have admitted that they have funded the AUC.

If you want to read more about the protection payments to paramilitary groups be sure to read the wikipedia article. If Chiquita have admitted that they have funded paramilitary groups then there is some truth to these claims.

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