2007 - The Year of the Concept 'Climate Smart'

2007 was the year when the climate crisis awareness exploded and got exploited by the Swedish media. The media created the positive concept 'climate smart' but was used as a 'negative' means to make us consume even more. The 'climate smart' products and ethical aspects got shoved down our throats and marketed in almost the same way as other products. The values and words was forced upon us once again. There was a lot of talk but did we act on this information?

2007 was the year when Christmas sales rocketed in Sweden. It seems as if we talk about being 'climate smart' but actually aren't. I think people use the values while speaking to heighten their own egos, but generally they don't follow their own principles. This is how society in the western world works. We have have all been a part of this ethical creation. It is a paradox that we have more money than ever before but need to consume less as never before. Money is still king and I think that this won't change next year. If salaries increase, if people have even more money, they will probably consume more next year as well. Why not label ourselves as 'climate morons' right away, who are we kidding really?

Peak oil and CO2

Judging by the information I have access to (the media) I think we have reached 'peak oil'. This means that we have to start creating alternate sources for electricity and use more funds for research and product development. Oil is not the future. From what I have learned about other sources of energy is that there should be a mix of sources rather than developing one alternative. The different techniques have different pros and cons and the governments need to figure out which one as best suitable during the next couple of years.

When it comes to CO2 almost all research claims that CO2 levels (380 parts per million according to National Geographic) will increase a lot more in the future. 50% of today's C02 comes from the U.S., Europe and Japan so why are we lecturing other nations and parts of the world?

If scientists find a way to let out more heat from planet earth then this would be a good start. I would really enjoy if someone argued for protecting the universe from our heat emissions and waste. The waste and heat needs to go somewhere but I doubt that the media will be critical about dumping it all out in our universe. And if the media won't bother to write about this then a lot of us won't bother to think.

We constantly neglect our own thinking and thoughts. To much information about our climate makes me look the other way. I encourage everyone to take a step back and reevaluate the situation. No one should be forced to belong to the ethical framework of 'climate smart'.

'Climate control', 'climate smart', 'climate crisis', climate this and climate that. I care but I can't be bothered.

2008 - The Year of Panic and Fear?

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